After the rain, 2016

Water (H₂O) is very common but one of the most important materials in the earth. It gives a clue of changes to any substances in different forms and conditions. For materials water can trigger for both creation and destruction with going in and out. In the same way for lives, it is essential and could be a threat. Landscapes and daily scenes are pieces of their history with water. It could be said that phenomena, human history and our feelings have a close relationship with water.

In this work, I gave different amounts and forms of water to white powdery squares. Some of them were exposed to rains. Water creates thousands patterns of surface, that you could have seen in your experience and the colourless ground highlights the difference.

It is difficult to grasp the actual form and condition of water, which changes every moment. Water draws other material’s essence, at the same time, it changes its form along the characteristic of the material and leaves a trace of the relationship. The record is a memory of water, then, it can magnify the shape and power of water clearer than water itself.

Man lives in the environment that water creates and 60% of its body is also made up of water. It seems no wonder that people overlap their mindscape to the trace of water, with thinking about the relationship with their environment. Our memories are close to the memory of water.


H₂O, SiO₃, Al₂O₃ and CaO