the world, 2020

The form of 'melting' is attractive.  

This would be because its fluid shape gives an imagination of the future where something new will be expected, or because the collapsing past delivers a feeling of pathos.

Melting occurs not only in the physical world but also in the human society and our daily life. It is difficult to grasp the form and state that would still be changing as time goes by. The shape you understood could not be its shape at the moment nor be the shapes others have.

By controlling materials and heat, the melting form stays a solid as time is stopped. I consider that the phenomenon of melting is a situation where the past and the future combined. The works in the exhibition highlight the flow of time, as the stroboscope appears to freeze a motion.

It is important to stop to gaze a situation where a new thing and a lost instead always occur at the same time. Once it melted, it can not be returned to its original form.






φ330 × 100mm