Trinary, 2013

Man lives out daily contradictions in his relationship with nature. In my work I express the harmony of nature’s beauty and man’s use of it. By using only three materials, Silica (SiO₂), Alumina (Al₂O₃) and Lime (CaO), I have controlled their reaction with water and a specific level of heat. These three materials account the great majority of the earth’s crust, which reaches about 80% in total, and in combination, under controlled heat, they change in expression from solid to fluid. My intention is to offer a place of contemplation, bringing nature closer to us, and magnifying detail of its reality.

Japanese designer, Kenya Hara says, ‘white can be attained by blending all the colours of the spectrum together, or through the subtraction of ink and all other pigments. In short, it is “all colours” and “no colour” at the same time’.

For me, white is not a colour but more a state, like the beginning and the ending of something, ie a memory. The condition of white in my work acts as a kind of void, where an internal transformation can occur. The artificiality of my interpretation, in a sense, is like the opening of a window to nature.


SiO₂, Al₂O₃ and CaO