Trinary, 2015-2

All of the white pieces in the frames are made up of the three materials; Silica (SiO₂), Alumina (Al₂O₃) and Lime (CaO), that are main components in the earth’s crust. Each piece was mixed in different rate of the three and was fired in 1280°C.

These materials account the great majority of the earth’s crust, and in combination, under controlled heat, they create a wide range of diverse expressions from solid to fluid, although the melting points of all three are far higher than 1280°C. (SiO₂-1650°C, Al₂O₃- 2050°C and CaO-2572°C)

In this work, the samples of material changes and chemical reactions are collected up as an epitome of the earth’s crust. Their various characteristics by the three fundamental materials are what happen in the earth in its long history, naturally and essentially.

A characteristic is created by the balance between elements inside a thing and by the relationship with the environment. This principle could be applied not only to the physical world but also to the inner world.


SiO₂, Al₂O₃ and CaO