Trinary, 2016

The characteristic of a thing surfaces in the process of changing. To a goal, there are a lot of ways that come from the differences of the balance between elements of the thing.  

In this work, Silica (SiO₂), Alumina (Al₂O₃) and Lime (CaO) are mixed in different rates and cut in a same shape, then, fired in same temperature. Pieces are fired in different soak times and some were fired 2 or 3 times to see the gradations of melting.  

Any things melt with heating. Once they melted down, they might look similar puddles. However, each has the different way of melting, which could be brought by a tiny difference of the balance. My intention is to offer a place to consider about the essence of a thing, not only with a result but in the process.


SiO₂, Al₂O₃ and CaO